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Features of Digital Anchor SQL

  • Allows you to access the Digital Anchor database and also, through built-in functions, gives direct access to Jet Database and Access databases
  • Is an ANSI standard computer language in compliant of the SQL standards
  • Executes queries against a database
  • Selects data from a database
  • Inserts new records in a database
  • Deletes records from a database
  • Updates records in a database
  • Imports data into the database through a specially designed interface
  • Exports data from the database in any of the standard export formats through a specially designed interface


Digital Stick SDK R1.46 Beta    NEW - 22.05.08
Digital Stick Primer v0.721 Beta
Digital Anchor SDK R2
Digital Stick SDK R1 Beta


Digital Stick has now been interfaced with Google Health, enabling a portable health solution

Digital Anchor used for new financial application
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