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Digital Anchor Lock, together with Digital Anchor Log, addresses the following security issues for your business and financial data:

  • Regulations
  • Trusted-user access
  • Log consolidation
  • Security event management
  • Network complexity
  • Identity and access management
  • Audit and monitoring
  • Distributed administration

Digital Anchor Log keeps record of all user actions to comply with the regulatory requirements to know who was accessing what part of the application, what they did, why they were there, whether they were authorized to be there, and how long were they there.

While these extensive security features are available in Digital Anchor, in many small businesses this may not be applicable, as the security of data is not viewed at the same level as in larger corporations. It is therefore very important to acknowlege if the security system should even be implemented. Digital Anchor lets the administrator or the business owner/manager to bypass the entire security and logging of the user activities.


Digital Stick SDK R1.46 Beta    NEW - 22.05.08
Digital Stick Primer v0.721 Beta
Digital Anchor SDK R2
Digital Stick SDK R1 Beta


Digital Stick has now been interfaced with Google Health, enabling a portable health solution

Digital Anchor used for new financial application
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